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Hey you! Yeah you! The one with maybe a tiny bit of senioritis, but still working hard to finish up strong. This is a monumental year for you, and whether you realize it or not, your life is about to take off in unique and wonderful ways. Before you launch into your amazing future, let’s document this last year of high school (or university – I’m looking at you college grads!) and all the things that make you, you! 

Whether you excel on the stage, in the classroom, on the field, or in ways that I haven’t even imagined, let’s capture who you are at this time in your life. You deserve it. 

One day, you will look back.

Senior Picture Portfolio


Natasha did such an amazing job photographing our daughter for her senior photo!

She provided great direction, had excellent ideas, and most importantly was able to help my shy daughter feel comfortable in front of the camera. The result was a collection of beautiful photographs which we will always treasure.

Natasha is very easy to work with and has a genuine passion for her work.

I would highly recommend Natasha for anyone looking for a professional photographer in the Boulder area!

Why book senior pictures?

Parents of an upcoming graduate


I know you’re so proud of your kiddo, probably a little anxious, and you might feel like there is a vice slowly closing down on your heart because it’s all happened so, so fast. But you’ve done it. You’ve raised an amazing human and they are about to embark on a new journey way too soon. You’re feeling all sorts of ways about it. 

These portrait sessions are a fun way to celebrate your senior. Those portraits will be a gift to them forever. But these will be a gift for you as well. I’m happy to work with you and your graduate to create portraits that you both will love. 

Be the change you wish to see in the world. – Gandhi

Senior Picture Services


1-hour sessionS include

  • 2 – 3 OUTFITS

2-HOUR SESSIONs include

  • 4 – 6 OUTFITS

How to book

The best and easiest way to book is to jump on the phone. I know, phones are so 1990s, but I promise I’m easy to talk to and it’s not scary. I want to ensure that I can meet your needs and fulfill all your expectations, and I’ve found that a quick phone call is a great way to start building that rapport. I’ve made this super easy by providing my scheduler link right here.

Once we settle on a date, I’ll send along a proposal which lays everything out and includes the contract and session fee invoice. You must sign the contract and pay your session fee in order to secure the date on my calendar.

Keep an eye on your inbox for my prep guide and a questionnaire so you and I can both be fully prepared for your session.



Refer me to your friends and family and it’s a win-win.

My small business runs on referrals and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it! 

For each referral who books a session, I’ll gift you both a $100 coupon good towards my online store as a thank you for booking and referring me to others. Referrals must get on my books within 1 month of your session, and they must schedule their session within 1 year.

session Bundles


Scheduling more than one session is great for your senior year – especially if you have a sport or hobby that you’d love to document.

Whatever your reason, if you book me for more than one session within a single calendar year, I’m happy to offer a $100 coupon good towards my online store for all subsequent sessions.

Early Bird seniors

You know what they say? The early bird gets the worm.

You may not realize it yet, but your senior year gets a little … hectic (or so I’ve been told). The best time to get your senior pictures taken is during the summer before your senior year!

If you book your session early, I’m happy to provide $100 good towards my online store. Your session must be booked and scheduled before July 31st to receive this benefit.

senior picture


It can feel like a big decision to figure out what to wear in the photos that you will (I promise) look back on in 20 years. Bottom line: I always advise that you wear clothing that you are confident and comfortable wearing. Wear clothing that represents who you are and your style.

Absolutely! I’ve been photographing in and around Boulder County and surrounding areas for years now. I’ve got some great spots that make for a beautiful background – whether in the mountains, parks, or urban areas. You probably have some great ideas too, especially if there is a particular hobby or interest that you want to highlight in your photos.

Golden hour is always the best light for portrait sessions. That’s that first hour of light after the sun rises or that last hour before it sets. Of course, we live right next to the mountains and topography will impact the light, so I always take this into consideration before settling on an exact time. For example, if you decide on a session at Eben G Fine park in Boulder, we’ll probably schedule a full 2 hours before official sunset, because of the nearness of the flatirons.

There’s a whole lot that one can do these days with AI and editing programs. Having said that, my approach to retouching photos is to enhance the quality and aesthetics of the image, while still showing your genuine self. A RAW file coming out of my camera is pretty flat and drab. I always adjust exposure, contrast, colors, and other settings to make my images pop while being true to color.

My guidelines for editing a human-being is that if it’s a permanent feature, I don’t remove it. I will smooth minor blemishes, remove stray hairs, remove lint from clothes, reduce scars, etc. I generally will not do full body modifications. (You’re beautiful just the way you are and if you haven’t heard that often enough, hear it now!).

If you have specific concerns, let’s chat before your session. If there is some feature that you’d prefer to minimize, it’s amazing what one can do through different posing techniques.

Every school is going to have a different deadline for their yearbook photos, so be sure to check your specific date. Usually, the deadlines fall somewhere between September through January of your senior year. I strongly advise scheduling your session long before your deadline, so there is time to plan, execute, and edit your session. I offer a discount if your session date falls before July 31st the summer before your senior year.

Because your life is a story worth telling.