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document your family history ... in the making

When this moment is gone, let's make sure you and your kids have something to take with you.

Let's document your FAMILY stories

Time waits for no one.

Family Film & Photo Sessions

Today might be just another day in your wild, messy, beautiful Life

It's also your family's history in the making

I don't need to tell you how much your kids grow and change from week to week.

Tomorrow, they won't be as little as they are today.

The heart-wrenching truth -- you can't stay in this moment. But when you see a candid photo, even 20 or 30 years from now, it can take you right back to their tiny hand wrapped around your finger. Or the way they'd run into your arms and say, "I love you, mommy," when you picked them up from grandma's house.

That's what documentary family photography is all about. Your average day might feel mundane or chaotic now, but it's exactly what you'll want to remember as time goes by.

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Documentary family sessions

Legacy Film & Photo Sessions

What is a legacy?

the long-lasting impact of a person's life

  • The way the baby smiles when grandpa comes over.

  • The lessons repeated again and again — the ones that you’ll pass onto your kids. “Grandma always used to tell me…”

  • The stories we leave behind — the ones we hope our kids (and grandkids, and their kids) will tell when we’re gone.

A legacy is too big to fit in a video or a photo. A story on the other hand? That’s something we can save. When you record your family’s stories (and voices, and laughs, and mannerisms), it means that not only you and your kids, but their kids can watch them back. 

Legacy film and photo sessions are multi-generational interviews recorded on video and ensure that your precious family stories — and the people in them — are never forgotten.

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Intergenerational Legacy Film Sessions

She did our family’s maternity and newborn photos as well as my headshots and we are beyond thrilled with the outcomes. She is professional while being creative and bringing her enthusiasm into the process. We whole- heartedly recommend Natasha for all your photography needs."

- C. Campbell

"All photos capture a moment in time, but the ability to capture the feeling of the moment is rare.

Natasha does just that. 

~ Kind words ~

Hi! I'm Natasha Rigg

And as my own family’s historian and keeper of all the stories, I know the warm fuzzy feeling you get when you sit down to look through the old photos or read the memoirs.

And as a mom, I know there is no better gift to yourself, and to your kids, than to record their beautiful and ever-changing faces (and voices!) as they continue to grow. 

When you invite me to create images of your family, I'll bring over a decade of experience and a keen eye to the moments that you and your children will cherish. I want these memories to bring you joy.

Meet your boulder, Colorado family Photographer


Your Boulder, Colorado Family Photographer

Family Event Films & Photos

The everyday moments matter

But so do the milestones!

Whether it’s your daughter’s bat mitzvah, your partner’s 50th birthday, or your wedding day, you deserve photos that mark the occasion.

Weddings & Family Events

... Right this way

Because you can't stop time, but you can go back and revisit the memories ...

You can't stop time, but you can go back and revisit the memories ...

... I'm here to make sure of it.

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She captured the sweetness and love in our family and newborn son.

- M. Eaton

"Natasha delivers pictures that will be cherished for our lifetime. 

She sees the moments between the poses and captures the candid looks between family members that embodies the love that is shared.

~ Kind words ~

I recommend Natasha to anyone looking to capture the moments in life that are important, and want a fresh perspective, genuine emotion from the picture. 

We may be a good fit If:

You'd prefer to remember the connection and love between your family, not the perfectly matched outfits.

You might have teared up the first time your baby skinned their knee (it’s the little things, right?).

You envision yourself sitting down with a photo album one day and telling your life stories to your grandkids.

Your idea of interior design is hanging your family portraits on the walls of your home.

You want to work with someone who has a streamlined process and a decade of experience to back it up.

You want to see yourself in your family images and be reminded of the love you share. You’re part of the story, too.

You're comfortable when your kids act up (We like feelings around here - even when our kids have big, angry ones).

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