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Don’t let your family stories fade with time


Multi-generational stories told by your family

About Legacy Photo & Film Sessions

Never forget the sound of your loved ones voices

I know it’s hard to talk about – that one day, the people we love will no longer be here. One day, WE will no longer be here. But it is a fact of life. Photos (and videos) leave a record of our lives for future generations to know us.

Over the past decade, I’ve been on a personal journey compiling my grandmother’s photos and memoirs into a book. There are many people in these photographs whose stories we don’t know, or we only know their name from a scrawled note on the back. 

I would give anything to go back and record my grandmother telling my cousins and me stories of these people from her life – to record her stories in her voice.


Time is a precious gift.

Example Legacy Session Film


“Natasha has a natural gift for capturing emotion and story in her photography.”

“the way she filmed us – and how she edited the recordings to tell a story – was profound.”

Why book a Legacy session?

Imagine sitting around with your family, sharing old stories,

and capturing it all on video.

With a Legacy Film & Photo Session, we can record so many stories with your whole family involved so you can preserve those stories and those voices for future generations:

  • Your kids can interview each other
  • Grandparents can read a letter to their grandchildren.
  • You can interview your own parents about the story of how they met, and how they’ve kept the love alive after all these years. 
  • Even better, if you have historic photos you’d like to incorporate, we can add these to the final video alongside your stories. 
  • And so many other ideas … 

I can’t wait to chat with you about your family stories.

How do you want to be remembered?

Legacy photo & film services



How to book

The best and easiest way to book is to jump on the phone. I know, phones are so 1990s, but I promise I’m easy to talk to and it’s not scary. I want to ensure that I can meet your needs and fulfill all your expectations, and I’ve found that a quick phone call is a great way to start building that rapport. I’ve made this super easy by providing my scheduler link right here.

Once we settle on a date, I’ll send along a proposal which lays everything out and includes the contract and session fee invoice. You must sign the contract and pay your session fee in order to secure the date on my calendar.



Of course it depends on how verbose folks are, but I suggest planning for 10 – 20 minutes per story, which allows for 3 to 6 stories during your hour session. I’d like people to feel like this is a relaxed, fireside chat among family members – that is why recommend that other family members are the ones asking the questions and not me. It will keep things more conversational.

Absolutely. During our planning stages, please let me know if this is of interest to you. I am happy to create posed portraits of your family, or I can create documentary images during your interview. The number of people present and the style of portraits created will determine the amount of time we’ll need. I waive my session fee for add-on portraits, but please keep in mind that digital images are purchased separately via my Photo Collections, which start at $175. You’ll have a chance to see all of your photos before deciding on your Collection purchase.

Yes – I love recording my own kids interacting with their grandparents – memories that they will cherish forever. I have so many ideas for integrating multiple generations through photos and videos. I would love to work on this type of project with you – whether during a family reunion, or in the comfort of your home.

I’ve designed my business to offer my clients the best products with the most flexibility possible. Your session fee reserves your date/time and includes my expertise in documenting your family. Please note: digital (still) images are purchased separately via the Collections. You’ll get to see all of your images BEFORE purchasing your Photo Collection: after your session, I’ll send your photo slideshow to watch with your family. The slideshow will be live for you to enjoy for 24 hours, giving you time to decide which Collection best fits your family.

After you purchase your Collection, you’ll have a full month to select your purchased images and to spend your product credit in my online store.

This way you get the best of many worlds: a great photo experience, the opportunity to see all of your images before purchasing, and beautiful, heirloom-quality print products to last a lifetime.

Legacy Films are all inclusive, and will be delivered within 4 months of your session.

I get it! I really do! I can make some of the corniest faces in front of the camera, and then I see photos of myself looking at my kids, and I realize just how gorgeous it all is (corny face and all). Trust me, we’re all beautiful when we let our love shine through.

In my Legacy Film session, I prefer to have other friends or family members ask the questions and partake in the on-camera conversation. This way, the focus remains on you and your stories and your relationships, and not on me. The first few minutes might feel awkward, but soon enough everyone tends to forget the camera.

I guarantee that Legacy portraits will be ready for you within 4 weeks. I usually get everything done much sooner, but like to have that buffer for busier seasons.

Video editing takes quite a bit more time and I guarantee Legacy Films be delivered to you within 16 weeks, but again, I generally beat my own deadlines.

First of all, I believe very strongly in print, which is why I include a print credit with every single Photo Collection that I offer.

You are under no obligation to use your Print Credit, but I am not able to give you a discount on your selected Collection if you don’t want to use it. Your Print Credit is baked into the price of your Collection and has no cash value. If you’re not in the mood for printed products, you can always purchase your slideshow, more digital images, or prints as gifts for family members.

We loved it and were excited to sit down together and watch.

I’d absolutely recommend! You captured the spirit of our family.


Because your life is a story worth telling.