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Yes, Please: Tell my story!

I think everyone agrees that family photography is important, but I’m not sure that I fully understood how important until recently. 

Pulling together the story of my grandmother's life - with all her photos and memoirs - is nothing short of a gift - a legacy that grounds me on this planet and in this lifetime.

My kids now see that they are part of something bigger. I know a day will come when they will share it with their kids (and I hope that day takes its sweet time to get here).

Photos of our families make us realize how quickly it all goes by. How big our kids are getting every day and every year. How generations are passing by.

How it all adds up to something: a story worth telling.

time is a precious gift

And, At least for me, There's nothing like having kids to mark the passage of time.

I'm a family photographer and filmmaker


Yeah, I guess I've got a thing for storytelling.

Since 2016, I’ve switched from telling stories of ancient geologic environments to telling stories of families and children. Over the years, I’ve polished my craft, like water polishes rock. Through trial and error and more workshops than I can count, I grew from a hobbyist to a professional photographer and filmmaker. 

Now, my camera feels like an extension of my body and mind. This means I can really focus on the moment — be aware of the light, notice the emotions, and document the connections happening right in front of me.

Photography is science and light; I think that’s why I love it so much. These are my superpowers.

~ Kind words ~

"Natasha is passionate about turning this chapter in your life into heirloom albums and video so those nuances and unfiltered personalities will go down in history to be remembered for generations."

- L. Hickey

Stories give us a sense of place and belonging.

I would give just about anything to hear the sound of my grandparent's voices again.

That's what Legacy sessions are all about.

Time is painfully short. If I could bottle up my grandmother's laugh, or the many couch sessions with my dad discussing Wendell Berry or the state of modern-day politics, or the sound of my daughters chatting with their grandmother in animated and giggly voices, not to mention the pitter-patter of little feet as my kids run up the stairs for the weekend cuddle puddle in bed .... you bet I would. 

The ability to remember family stories and relationships, even after people are gone, is sacred. It's an honor to be able to help you remember yours. 

Tell me more about legacy sessions

(yep - that's me - with slobber or some other questionable substance on my face, sitting on grandma's knee!)

This is what I want for you:

Images that capture the love in your family.

Photos that will last for over 100 years. 

Videos that tell your family stories.

Yes please! Let's do this!

Have an idea that doesn’t quite fit? Schedule a call anyway and we can discuss! I’m happy to pull together a custom quote to meet your needs.

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I live here with my wonderful husband and two inspiring daughters. We've been here since 2007 and enjoy all the outdoor opportunities that abound.

I serve the Boulder area and surrounding mountain towns, but will fly just about anywhere.

Photo credit: Colie James


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I am a professional (retired) geologist and have studied and worked in some of the most beautiful places on the planet.

Though retired, I still teach field camp most summers, and provide educational outreach to local schools and universities. I am passionate about paying it forward and supporting other women in STEAM roles.

I'm also a geologist

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It's so easy as a photographer to encourage you to relax and enjoy, but until you get on the other side of the camera, you don't fully understand the experience and just how hard it can be.

I did exactly that at a photography workshop several years ago. The model didn't show up and the instructor asked if I could jump in. It was a humbling experience, but I learned a ton and try to apply this in my own photoshoots.

Photo credit: the great Dave Black

I have been on the other side

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In "the time B.C." (Before Children), my husband and I traveled quite a bit all around the world - to China, New Zealand, Italy, Peru, Argentina, and more. Such adventures felt like a dream.

I can't wait to take my kids to some of these amazing places.

Yes - I will travel for your event!

i love to travel

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Some of my favorite poets: Mary Oliver, e.e. Cummings, N.Scott Momaday, and recently, Amanda Gorman.

Some of my favorite authors: Isabelle Allende, Wallace Stegner, Sherman Alexie, N.K. Jemisin, and recently Kristin Hannah.

I'm a huge Harry Potter fan - kind of have to be with my kids, but even in the time B.C. too.

Books! Books! Books!

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I love to camp and ski and run rivers and spend time laughing with my kids, my husband, and friends. 

There's no better light show than Mother Nature's thunder storms, and no better place to find peace in my soul than the wilderness. I guess you could say that Mother Nature is my religion.

I love the outdoors!

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  • My family and friends - near and far - inspire me daily. 
  • I believe in continuous learning and am never bored.
  • My kids crack me up all the time.
  • Laughter truly is the best medicine.
  • Yes, Black Lives Matter.
  • Yes, Love is Love.
  • I teach my kids that with great privilege, comes great responsibility.
  • I strive to leave the world a better place than how I entered it.
  • Yes, I can be intense sometimes, but mostly, I just want to laugh all the laughs and give big hugs.

My values

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