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Don't let your family stories fade with time

Multi-generational stories told by your family

Four generations shown in this photo (my grandmother is the youngest pictured here), and seven in total counting the very top photo above.

never forget the sound of your loved ones voices.

I know it's hard to talk about - that one day, the people we love will no longer be here. One day, WE will no longer be here. But it is a fact of life. Photos (and videos) leave a record of our lives for future generations to know us.

Over the past decade, I've been on a personal journey compiling my grandmother's photos and memoirs into a book. There are many people in these photographs whose stories we don't know, or we only know their name from a scrawled note on the back. 

I would give anything to go back and record my grandmother telling my cousins and me stories of these people from her life - to record her stories in her voice.

With a legacy film & photo session, you can preserve your family’s stories and voices for generations to come. 

Time is a precious gift.

Imagine sitting around with your family, sharing old stories, and capturing it all on video.

The way they smile, or the way they tell their most treasured stories
With a Legacy Film & Photo Session, we can record so many stories with your whole family involved so you can preserve those stories and those voices for future generations:

  • Your kids can interview each other
  • Grandparents can read a letter to their grandchildren.
  • You can interview your own parents about the story of how they met, and how they've kept the love alive after all these years. 
  • Even better, if you have historic photos you'd like to incorporate, we can add these to the final video alongside your stories. 
  • And so many other ideas ... 

I can't wait to chat with you about your family stories.

Let's record your family's legacy

~ Kind words ~

"Natasha has a natural gift for capturing emotion and story in her photography. 

Looking through her images transports me back to those joyful moments. She's super creative in how she approaches her work; she has a unique viewpoint and is able to reveal a story and mood behind every image. Impressed with Natasha, I enlisted her to help create a video to celebrate my parents' 60th wedding anniversary and show at a family reunion. Natasha recorded me as I interviewed my parents about how they met and why they married. 

The way she filmed us - and how she edited the recordings to tell a story - was profound. The final product seemed like a documentary you'd see on TV! The video truly conveyed the love my parents have for each other and how important their family is to them. What a gift we will cherish forever."

- C. Botnivick

How do you want to be remembered?

Legacy Film & Photo Sessions



With a Legacy Film & Photo Session, you can preserve your family's stories and voices for generations to come.

Your session will include one full hour of question-asking, lesson-sharing, and storytelling, all recorded on video.

We’ll prepare everything beforehand so you all can weigh in on the stories and structure of the session with your family. I’ll record the video, and you’ll talk with one another.

You'll walk away with a priceless heirloom that your family will treasure for generations.

Contact me for your Legacy Film Session


Time will march on

but this Process can be quick and easy

step 1:
Before Your Session

Let's chat, get you booked & prepare for your session

Fill out my contact form so we can schedule a quick phone call. We'll talk about your family, the details, dates, and pricing.

I will walk you through what to expect, more about my process and how to prepare for your session.

A big part of your Legacy Session is planning the stories that you really want told, so I will send out a questionnaire to get your creative juices flowing.

Questions? I’m a phone call away.

step 2:
During Your Session

Enjoy a relaxed chat with your family or friends

My goal is to make this as stress-free and fun as possible -- 

For Family Legacy Sessions, I prefer that family members lead the question-asking, while I record everything on video.

Based on your questionnaire and prep work, we'll have a plan figured out before your session, so that things run smoothly on-camera.

step 3:
After Your Session

Sit back & enjoy your Video & Photo Debut

In a couple of months, I'll send along your professionally edited Legacy Video. I highly suggest making an event of the debut -- invite friends and family over, pop some corn, and enjoy.

In addition to your video, you'll also receive a written transcript of the interview. 

Then sleep better at night knowing that you preserved your most important stories, and now have a stunning heirloom to treasure for years.

Let's document your Beautiful Life Stories!

Because some things deserve to be remembered and passed down.

Contact Me!

Because your life is a story worth telling.