heirloom Yearbook Club

Because life is busy and time waits for no one

 A membership program for stress-free annual family photos & video ... with lots of perks!

Never stress about the holiday card again. like ever.

Instead, get photos that show your everyday like you've never seen it before. 

Every year, your kids seem to double in size: 
  • You get to know them — their favorite movies, the books they want to read and re-read at bedtime, the songs they love to sing — and then they change.
  • Suddenly, they aren’t so little anymore. That kid you knew yesterday is gone. (Middle school anyone?)
  • When you realize how quickly it all goes by, how every stage is different, and how you want to remember all of it, it sort of breaks your heart. 
  • You don’t just want photos for the Christmas card anymore (but you do need those, too). You want to remember your kid’s laugh.
  • When you work with a photographer, you’re less invested in finding someone who will make it all look perfect than you are in finding someone who will make your kids (and you) feel comfortable.
  • And as a mom, you want to have pictures that show you with your babies.

 A membership program for stress-free annual family photos & video ... with lots of perks!

Or the matching outfits. Or the disgruntled toddlers who don't want to sit still in a pose.

You may not be able to have a professional photographer come to your home every day

I used to not - that is, I thought I could capture everything that we'd want as a family, but the truth of the matter is, I was never in the photo. At one point, my oldest asked me why I was never in our annual calendar. That's when it hit me and that's when I hired a photographer to record our family images every year. Now I'm in the calendar!

My Heirloom Yearbook Club is for those families who value documentary family photography and want to ensure they are in the photos every year. With a membership, you can budget family photos on a monthly basis, while scheduling your session anytime during the year. I offer three membership levels, all of which include a whole lot of perks. Families are eligible to join the membership once you've done a session with me, but spaces are limited.

But you can get photos made every year

"I was impressed with Natasha’s ability to soothe our newborn and get her to cooperate in a photo session that lasted over 2 hours!

- L. Savalli

I thoroughly enjoyed the photo session and was blown away by the quality of the photos!"

~ Kind words ~

the process is simple

I offer three different membership levels depending on what you want to get from your session (just photos, a family film, or an Heirloom album too). 

My goal is to make this as stress-free and fun as possible -- a family documentary session means to come as you are.

Heirloom Yearbook Club membership is all-inclusive. After your session, you'll have access to a growing gallery documenting your growing family.

step 1:
Choose Your Membership

step 2:
Enjoy Your Annual Session

step 3:
Image & Film Debut

Frequently asked questions

When can I enroll in the Heirloom Yearbook club?

When can I enroll in the Heirloom Yearbook club?

The enrollment period opens for one week in January for families I have worked with within the past 2 years. I keep the enrollment period short so that I have a clear picture of the year ahead. I limit the number of members in my Yearbook Club to keep my schedule manageable so that I can give my members excellent service.

How do I Schedule my annual session?


I will post my availability calendar once per quarter. The calendar will be self-scheduled by the members on a first-come, first-served basis. Of course, if you miss the member's open scheduling period, you can always call me to schedule! 
Rescheduling for reasons of bad weather, illness, etc. will be handled the same way it always is - we’ll look at the calendar and figure it out. If you realize your date won’t work for another reason - a travel or work conflict, for example - I will work with you to find a new date - just reach out as soon as you realize there's an issue.

What if I just need a mini session for something special?


Optional on-demand mini-sessions will be 30 minutes long, include a complete set of digital files, and costs $350, billed separately. Those sessions are not in any way expected or required, but are offered in case members need a one-off for something like senior portraits, maternity photos, photos with grandparents, etc.
Please note that mini-sessions are subject to availability and need to be scheduled directly through me, rather than through the self-scheduling calendar. Advance notice is suggested!

How does membership renewal work?


In future years, members will be asked whether they would like to renew or terminate their membership prior to the new membership enrollment period. There is no commitment beyond the year, and there will be no surprise renewals. 
If you choose to renew but would like to change your subscription level (up or down), you are welcome to do so without penalty, though offerings and pricing may change year to year.

Because your life is a story worth telling.