$75 / HOUR


$175 / HOUR

  • Travel within Boulder County is included.
  • I require a travel stipend of $1/mile to travel to locations outside of Boulder County.
  • For travel in the mountains, I require a hotel room if my return drive is in the dark (I strongly dislike driving in the mountains in the dark!).
  • I am insured for equipment and liability. 
  • I hold permits for Boulder OSMP and the RMNP Parks Pass. Happy to obtain other permits as needed.

~ Megan & Grant ~

Natasha was our photographer for our elopement and she was phenomenal! She was so flexible and fun to work with. She made sure my husband and I were getting what we wanted out of our photos and she was really friendly with our families. 

Real couple review from a Colorado Photographer Squad elopement.

Nearly all of these images were created while working for Sharee Davenport and The Colorado Photographer’s Squad.

CANON bodies

  • Canon R5 (3)
  • Canon 5D Mark IV (1)


  • 12′ Cheetah stands (4)
  • 8′ Cheetah stands (2)
  • Avenger with boom arm (1)
  • Backdrop stand
  • Grips / Clamps 


  • RF 15-35 f/2.8
  • RF 24-70 f/2.8
  • RF 70-200 f/2.8
  • RF 16 f/2.8 prime
  • RF 35 f/1.8 prime
  • RF 50 f/1.2L prime
  • RF 85 f/1.2L prime
  • EF 70-200 f/2.8
  • EF 24-105 f/4
  • Variable ND filters (4)


  • Westcott FJ80 Speedlites (5) + grids
  • Westcott FJ200 strobes (2)
  • Westcott FJ400 strobes (2)
  • Westcott triggers (2)
  • Aputure 60x video lights (2)
  • Aputure Amaran AL-MW (1) on-camera video light
  • 5′ Umbrellas (2)
  • 5′ Octabox (1)
  • 1×4′ Rapid Box (2)
  • 2′ Beauty dish (1)
  • Geekoto LED wand (1)


  • Zoom H5 (1)
  • RODE on-camera mic (1)
  • RODE M5 condenser mics (2)
  • DL10s (lapel mics) (3)
  • All the audio cables
  • Ronin S Gimble
  • Tripods (3)
  • Video heads (2)
  • Backdrops (grey, white, black)

~ Kelli & Steve ~

We just wanted to take a moment to THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for your amazing photography skills. Your professional expertise and personal touch made our special day unforgettable. Your attention to detail and care for us was so appreciated, from keeping us on schedule to capturing shots in every location. You really made us feel at ease and comfortable throughout the whole process. Our wedding photos are more than just pictures, they’re memories that we’ll cherish forever. 

Real couple review from a Colorado Photographer Squad elopement.

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~ Lauren & Michael ~

Natasha was fantastic to work with on the day of the elopement. No awkward poses, all natural movements, gorgeous scenery and such a special intimate moment with my husband. I never even realized she was there while we were reciting our vows. We received the sneak peek pictures as we were driving to the airport to fly home and burst into tears. They were gorgeous and so special. 

Real couple review from a Colorado Photographer Squad elopement.

I’d love to work with you!

technical background

  • I started out as a hobbiest in 2009, and started my business in 2016. I’ve been offering video since 2018.
  • I’ve taken tons of workshops (25+) on lighting, portraits, sports, adventure, and video. (Gillaspie, Summit Workshops, TwoMann Metanoia, conference classes, mentorships, etc, etc).
  • I love both posed, lifestyle, and documentary styles and think there’s a time and place for each. I love the emotions captured in candid moments, and I love the challenge of an artistic pose.
  • I have been associate shooting for Sharee Davenport since 2021 (she’s happy to provide a reference!). I’ve shot 70+ weddings – most elopements as the associate shooter, and most full weddings as the 2nd shooter. 

What’s on my camera

  • Still Photos: I generally keep the 24-70 on one camera with the 85 on the other ~OR~ my 70-200 on one camera and the 35 or 50 on the other. I’m not afraid to zoom with my feet with my primes.
  • Video: I usually have either my 35 or my 50mm on the gimble and my 24-70 handheld. For ceremonies, I’ll have two 70-200s on tripods, and my 24-105 on a third, or my 35 on gimble or handheld- just depends on the location, size, lighting, etc.
  • Lighting: I’m super comfortable with off-camera flash and love to play. But, I prefer to get the “safe” shots first before getting more creative.

who I am

  • I always appreciate all the planning. I’m happy to jump on the phone to discuss a game plan – especially if it’s a tight timeline.
  • Spreadsheets are my friend.
  • I’m happy and easy going (but doesn’t mean I don’t hustle!) I love to laugh (and cry), and I love to have fun. I prefer to show up early to ensure all the things are ready to go.
  • I’m very comfortable working in professional situations, having worked in corporate America for ~15+ years. 
  • My main goal is to help your clients feel at ease and document their day well and in-line with your style, focusing on capturing the moments, the emotion & connection.
  • I’m always very open to all the feedback on my work – I’m a lifelong learner and I’d rather over-communicate to ensure I get it right.

Featured videos

associate videographer

~ Melissa & Greg ~

The day of our ceremony we worked with Natasha, and she was wonderful! She was very friendly and made both of us feel comfortable enough to be ourselves and enjoy our wedding photos. 

Real couple review from a Colorado Photographer Squad elopement.